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Global warming: these species threatened with extinction.

A global warming of 4.5°C would threaten half of all species with extinction by 2080, according to a study published this Wednesday in partnership with the WWF Foundation.

It is a study of unprecedented scope and the results are alarming. In partnership with the WWF Foundation, British researchers from the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change at the University of East Anglia have measured the impact that global warming would have on plant and animal species in “35 priority ecoregions” for nature conservation.

Published this March 14, in the journal Climatic Change, the study considers three scenarios. Either a global warming of :

2°C which corresponds to the maximum temperature limitation target set by the Paris Agreement
3.2°C, which is equivalent to the current climate commitments for 2025-2030
4.5°C which corresponds to what would happen if nothing is done to slow down global warming.

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