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America toasts to the health of rosé

In recent years, rosé from Provence has enjoyed tremendous success across the Atlantic. Once a thirst-quenching wine, it has become a beverage of celebration and pleasure.

The days of rosé produced and consumed almost exclusively in France in the summer, which had a reputation as a thirst-quenching wine, are not so far away. “Exports of rosé from Provence have long stagnated, but for the past six years they have steadily increased to reach 30% in 2017,” rejoices Alain Baccino, president of the Conseil interprofessionnel des vins de Provence (CIVP) and organic winemaker in the Var. Last year, its international sales jumped more than 35% in volume and value (226 million euros in revenue), according to the CIVP. The average export price per bottle has almost doubled in less than ten years, rising from 2.56 euros in 2008 to 4.44 euros in 2017.

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